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I am looking at:
a nice color plate of Dali's Night and Day Clothes

and listening to:
Bonnie Prince Billy's "wolf among wolves."

The combination is moving me.

juxtapositions that buzz.

Snow on the ground. Cold fingers. I don't have to teach today because of the ice. Cuddle up to Dali, Bonnie prince billy, an issue of Lit (Spring '01 with Richard Siken), and Word open and ready to revise.

Worked with Dan Albergotti last night on revising some poems for Story South. He has an amazing eye. And I mean amazing. Good poet as well.

here we go here we go here we gooo o (my football chant).

Isolation makes me happy. No cars on the street. So peaceful.
Summer depresses me. Everything so open. I can hide easier in winter.


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