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Old Imac 2003

Purchased an old imac (233, 160mb ram). I hope it works well when it arrives. Tired of laptops. Pulled in by the marketing/design of the old imacs. The macs are artistic outsiders. Form and content not seperate for the mac (for pc it's all content, form is secondary). So very ugly mass produced pc's. So as a writer I buy an imac because imac markets to the ousider status of my status as outsider outsider poet.

On what level does the marketing strategies of the avant guarde persuade/convince young poets into their discourse communities? What are the marketing strategies of the avant guarde? Perpetual youth. Revolution. Change.

Still stuck on language. Language is stuck to me. What percentage of my brain processes images versus actually sound language? Do I see images more or hear words more? Is it possible for anything prelinguistic to be called thinking. Images without rhetoric. Can too much non-authorial intention crash the reader/writer contract? (yes, this could be market place language. But contract does not mean cash in this case).

I think maybe i'm finally done with my 1st manuscript (although it is more like a third book manuscript). Not sure. Never sure.

Can anything prelinguistic be called thinking? Can too much non-authorial intention crash the reader/writer contract? How much is too much? How much is too little?

If everything is a text, what isn't a text? If everything is political what isn't political? Is the political a continium? Is a text a continium? Are some texts more political than other texts or is it just a matter of different types/modes of the political. Are some texts more textual than other texts?

Why do artists drink? Is drinking marketed to the artist? I drink;therefore I am (this, that, or the other). Is drinking the drive of the mystic. The root of the artist is the spiritual (however defined). To drink to get inside or outside?

Dreamt about the word incredible last night. For some reason the in would not realign with the credible. perhaps it has something to do with reading Mr. Paz for two hours before falling asleep. The silent motor of my little word engine that could.

cheers. Happy new year. Welcome 2003. I will soon be part of the outsider community of mac users (therefore more artistic). It's all about color. The artist as individual.


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