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What is the relationship between retire and tire?

For and between also interest me.

If I am between Irish nationalism and cosmopolitanism what am I for?

or (as the small stirs indicate almost to the point of a dead horse)

If I am between

language as multivocal, flux filled, slidding, anxiety ridden
language as steady, horn in the hand, ding ding ding, lightbulb

what I am for?

If I am unsure what I am for then
can I be sure what I am against?

What if what I am against is also
what I am for?

I am between, against, and for at all times and at all places.

Never hot, cold, or lukewarm. All three at once.


It is time to retire for the evening with my stuffy head so you sleep medicine.

Paz is on my brain. Paz can stay on my brain.


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