Is honest searching for difference different than sinister specialness. When does specialness become sinister. Is it possible for extreme individualism to screw up a society?

Maybe what I mean is beside the point rather than the point.

(Ha. I'm clever. I'm special. I'm unique. I'm me. etc.)

I worry about difference daily. And community. I think about community a lot. I want to belong and not belong.

Alright. Onto sillyness. Tricky deep poetic silliness in the name of specialness (there's deep meaning here. Poetry is deep. That's what my students say).

A lot of "well-respected" visiting poets have shook their all-knowing heads at the young poets full of caustic irony and sillyness.

"How can we know when we are saying something if we don't believe in saying anything?"

In other words where's the fire baby?

I believe. Many others believe. Get some new reading


I say enough is never enough.


and so on.