I am floored. Moved. Excited. Yes Yes Yes. There goes my head. I am alive.

Check out K. Silem Mohammad's electronic chapbook:

Duration Press

The only way out is in since the out has already been appropriated by the in.

In other words, I agree with

defense of branding. At first I wasn't sure. How could a marxist work as a marketing specialist? Now I understand more.

It's great to alive. Something is happening alright.

I am excited to hear K. Silem Mohammad read at the Carborro poetry festival on June 5th. Very excited.

April will be very cool as well. A beat conference at UNC Chapel Hill on April 3rd with David Amram and Michael McClure. Tony Tost reading at Green Bean coffee shop in Greensboro on April 13th. Aaron McCollough reading at the NC Writers Festival in Raleigh on April 17th.

Also going to hit NYC for my 30th birthday. I've only been to NYC once but we spent most our time in NJ at the Dodge poetry festival. I still enjoyed it, but didn't see too much. Not sure what I want to see on my big trip? Not the usual tourist stuff (or at least not much of it).

I want to drink beer at the oldest bar (McSorleys?) and find good used bookstores. Also want to see the KGB bar. Going to stay with a friend in NJ (near Princeton) so hopefully it won't be a hastle to take the train into the city.

I'm very excited to see NYC with my partner. She's never seen NYC. Born and raised in Utah.

I think we'll go on April 29th- May 1st.

Next up:

Noah Eli Gordon's Notes Toward the Spectacle.