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The Bookshop

Met a few poets and scholars at the bookshop in Chapel Hill yesterday. In particular a real nice guy named Joe Donahue who teaches at Duke. He told me about a reading series in carborro at the Sizl art gallery. In April Rod Smith is coming to read. Maybe Carborro is my saviour. Greensboro is very very boring.

Traded in 12 Seamus Heaney books (kept his selected). Got $50 in credit and picked up:

David Antin, Code of Flag behavior (Black Sparrow press)
Joane Kyger, Again
Alice Notley, the descent of Alette
Diana Wakoski, Greed/parts 8,9,1 (Black Sparrow Press)
Michael McLure, September Blackberries and The New Book/A Book of Torture (Evergreen Original)
Dapne Gottlied, Why Things Burn (Soft Skull Press)
Other: British and Irish Poetry since 1970 (Wesleyan)
Caesar Vallejo (Trans. Clayton Eschleman), Spain, Take This Cup From Me, (Evergreen)
Gill ott, Public Domain

Great finds. Going back to Chapel Hill today to turn in Natasha Trethewey's Domestic Work, some David Lee pig poems, and Seamus Heaney's Finders Keepers. Maybe Stephen Dobyn's Best Words Best Order. None of those old orders speak to/for/against me. Not to mention the title of Heaney's book of ciritcism sums up his politics/aesthetic. Finders keepers indeed.

Think I might grab a Tony Trowle book or Lisa Lubasch's How Many More of Them Are. Don't know anything about Lubasch or Trowle but I've heard their names somewhere.

The race begins. Restructuring my library. Still got plenty of the old chaps in my head. The intro to the anthology Other really chimed for me. Seamus Heaney does not speak for me as a citizen of N. Ireland. I've got too many voices in my head not to mention a few lost accents.

It's time to get jiggy with the times.


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