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Heaney vs. Healy on St. Paddy's

In my Irish lit class I am teaching from the penguin book of contemp. poetry. The usual poets. I am bored.

So I logged onto the internet and played some poems in real audio of Lisa Jarnot and Wanda Coleman.

A little talk about tradition and innovation.

Students were shocked by Lisa Jarnot.

Who's emp. wu? Whose neighborhood is this?

I said, yes, exactly. That's it. Whose neighborhood is this?

One student said Lisa Jarnot better not quit her dayjob.

A telling product based comment.

Some students asked if Lisa Jarnot loved Dr. Suess.

I told them I am not sure. I told them to look up Getrude Stein.
(This is a general education class).

I wish I found Wild Honey Press before I put together this Irish lit. class.

Next time.

On Wed we are discussing Heaney but I'm going to broadcast a little Healy as well. A little daylight savings sex.

vs. >Healy on St. Paddy's day

I am tired sick of

"look at me/ I'm Irish/ I'm different/ we've all suffered terribly" (Peter Riley in the Chicago Review).

Rurual. Pastoral. Irish for the English.

A very narrow nationalism.

However, I have to admit Heaney was my first love.

I still find some pleasure in his language
but not his ends.


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