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Post-Avant by Daniel Zimmerman

My friend Dan returned with goodies from AWP:

Poker by Tomaz Salamun (ugly ducking press. really well made)
Fa(r)ther Down: Songs from the Allegy Trials by Arielle Greenberg (New Michigan press)
Post-Avant by Daniel Zimmerman (Pavement Saw Press)

I just started Post-Avant. Very impressed so far. I hadn't even heard of Daniel Zimmerman until today.

Also picked up a free poster of Iron and Wine (Our Endless Numbered Days).

Got to stop listing books. Slow down and actually start reading them.

I am crossing my fingers for a job editing textbooks next year.

Now it's time to teach Ciaran Carson and Medbh McGuckian in my Irish Lit. class.

Great games over the weekend.

Go Duke!


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