Creature Comforts

Received an interesting email from a guy named Aaron Lundstrom about creature comforts and beautiful narcotics.

I've been mulling.

I am not sure an outright dismisal of popular culture is effective.

I think self-righteousness can be just as scary as television.

I think television can be a creature comfort and narcotic and perhaps prevent political action. But a little narcotics and a little creature comfort go a long way. In my mind, it's, as always, a matter of how much.

I think my frustration with a lot of mainstream (if it's still the mainstream) poetry is it's level of comfort. I rarely read poetry for solace or comfort but for questions.

I watch a few hours of television every week (Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusaism, and Angel).

However, I do worry about reality television and sitcoms. Laughtracks scare me. And as for reality. . .

I turned on the television on Sunday to an ad for a television movie about how America responded to 9/11. I think it was called Homeland Security. It was undisguised propaganda. They didn't even disguise it as art!

and so on . . .