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Mark Wallace, Rod Smith, K. Lorraine Graham

I am very excited about the reading this Saturday in Carborro, NC. Listening to Mark Wallace via Real Audio right now. Excited to hear him live.

Just got

Complications from Standing in A Circle by Mark Wallace
Music or Honesty by Rod Smith

Wanna read them before the reading. But I got comp essays to grade. AGH!!!!

On another note: I can't stop re-reading Deer Head Nation. Read some before sleep and wake up at 5am wanting to write. This is a new strategy. 5 am writing. Thanks to K. Silem Mohammad for waking me up!!!!

Spooky. I never really thought about that word until Deer Head Nation. Then Shanna Compton's Down Spooky.


Just listen to the way the word sounds.

The new schedule requires a brief nap before teaching begins. So off I go. My futon. Good dreams ahead! I'll keep Mark Wallace rolling on the real audio as I drift into the in-between state.


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