Turned 30 yesterday. Got a Nikon coolpix camera. Spent all morning playing with it instead of preparing a lesson plan on Kierkegaard.

Got some music. The new Modest Mouse, Dr. Eugene Chadbourne, and The Kills.

Went to a show at Gate City Noise and heard a band called Robotnicka. Most of the members were from France and they wore strange costumes. The keyboardist was a bear with fake fur and a bear head and carpet down his back, the lead singer was a soft bunny (nothing resembling the Playboy bunny), the drummer wore boxers and taped his chest. They sang banjo electronic french folk disco songs. They also sang songs about the commodore 64 and the game Ninja 2. Sometimes we sang along even though it was in French and I didn't know what the words meant. It was an experience. A great happening.