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teaching doesn't equal lost art

Just decided to teach as a full time lecturer for another year. I enjoy teaching. There are plenty of great poets who do not/did not compromise their poetry for "professional" reasons. I am writing more than I ever have while teaching full time. So it works.

Really looking forward to the beat conference on Saturday in Chapel Hill.

Just picked up John Ashberry's Rivers and Mountains and Gary Snyder's Turtle Island for $1.

Also snagged Jeff Clark's The Little Door Slides Back. Never heard of Jeff Clark. I like surprises.

Onto The Geographics tomorrow.

Post-Avant by Daniel Zimmerman was really interesting. Unlike anything else I've read. A lot of complex formalism. Rhyme schemes. Very elaborate. I especially liked "Bard Fodder"

Avant Guarde formalism as one strand of post-avant?


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