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Tony's open eye cafe reading series

Tony Tost started a reading series at the open eye cafe where he works. Great crowd last night. Tony and Brian really spread the word. A really really refreshing change to the university reading venue. A lot more energy, more informal. Yes. Ah. Feels soooooo gooooooooood

Things are happening. WOW. Things are really heating up in these parts in terms of non-mainstream poetics.

check out some pics from the reading last night. Some are blury cause I just got this digital camera and often forget to hold the button halfway to allow it to adjust to the light etc.

check 'em out:

Open Eye Cafe Reading Series

Driving to NY city tomorrow. Hope to hit the bowery poetry club on saturday and visit the Strand, McSorleys and some art in Chelsea.


Now I gotta get back to grading essays on Irish nationalism.


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