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Big Weddings are Fun

What a weekend. The whirl keeps on going. Thursday bachelor party. Friday rehersal dinner. Saturday wedding, reception (with open bar and amazing food then a stretched limo ride back to Greensboro). I've never worn a tux before (never went to prom etc.) It was a lot of fun.

Adam and Melissa are two graduates of the Greensboro MFA program. They met in their second year and fell in mad love.

On Saturday morning before the wedding I played some ultimate frisbee. I was the 2nd oldest player (not that I'm old). I turned too quickly and heard my ankle go pop.

Never really had an ankle injury. So I sat down for a while. Felt fine so I went back in. Sprinted down the field. Had a great game.

The a little later the swelling started. Wrapped the ankle. Went to the wedding. Escorted people to their seats. Wore a nice tux. Drank a lot at the open bar. Danced to the band (they played some good Van Morrison and Michael Jackson).

Next day. Big swelling. So I got an ace bandage and wrapped i…

New books

My good friend Hardy gave me his bookstore credit before he left town. Picked up:

Armenian Papers: poems 1954-1984 by Harry Matthews
The Random House Book of Twentieth Century French Poetry edited by Paul Auster
Zizek: a critical introduction by Ian Parker

So far, no poop behind the t.v.

My fingers are crossed for the scent eraser!

Open Eye

It was great to meet Tim Botta and hear some of his poetry. He read a poem about the box Joseph Cornell never made. He also read a Pantoum and Villanelle. He is workin the language all right. Some great obsessions/ repititions throughout the performance. And performance it was. No nice quiet poetry voice. All guts and gusto. Yeah!

Speaking of the no box. I need to run to the store and find some kind of chemical that erases the scent of cat poop. Our cat Mona keeps pooping behind the television. The vet said she may have negative memories of the litter box. It must be recent. We've had her for over three years and she's never pooped outside the litter box (unless it was for revenge. One time she pooped in my shoe because there were ants in her food and she must have thought I put them there). Maybe she had a recent bad bowel movement in the litter box and connected the pain of the movement to the litter box itself. That would be understandable. Now how can I convince her it'…

Full Steam Ahead

Just returned from the eastern shore. Wow. What a time. We canoed to an island and hung out for the day. Lots of toads. A few water moccasins. A wide open sky full of stars. Mushrooms.

I am excited about the next few weeks. The Tony Tost/Open Eye Reading Series returns this evening with "the prose stylings of Jeff Rehnlund & the poetry of Tim Botta."

Should be cool.

The Lucipo collective is putting out a chapbook in time for the poetry festival in two weeks. Some great folks in the collective (me, Tony Tost, Tim Botta, Ken Rumble, Evie Shockley, Joseph Donahue, Patrick Heron and many more. About 19 of us I believe).

Just scored some free literary journals from the MFA office. They are weeding out hundreds of them. Most of the lit journals were boring but I scored:

Mudfish Two
Mudfish Three
Hambone 13
Sulfur 6, 19, 20, 21
and a special issue on David Antin in The Review of Contemporary Fiction

My reading lists will not stop growing!

Reading John Yau's Borrowed Love …

Avant-Garde without Agonism

Telling it Slant (edited by Mark Wallace and Steven Marks) is amazing.

I am thrilled by the essay Avant-Garde without Agonism by Daniel Barbiero:

The emerging avant-garde as refusing to particpate in us vs.them.
Everything is useful.
A nonagonistic openess to the past.
Verwindung: to distort and to use to advantage.
The past as an enabling constraint.
To give up the notion of avant-garde as linear progression.
Instead of "make it new" it's now "make it anew".
The emerging avant-garde motivated by a genuine breakthrough.

The question hinted at but not addressed in the essay is: can the idea of an avant-garde exist without a linear progression? What does an advance guard advance toward?

And this relationship to the past sounds like "postmodernism." Are "we" still in postmodernism? Not post-post modernism?

By the way, how can we determine who is and is not "in" "postmodernism?"

The term postmodernism is very tricky. Th…

Theory of the Avant-Garde (Burger)

A new journal put together by some great folks here in Greensboro. Check it out at:
Backwards City

I am enjoying Burger's Theory of the Avant-Garde.

Only read the foreword yesterday by Jochen Schulte-Sasse:

The historical avant-garde as an assault on the autonomy of art.

True and false vs. right and wrong.

Adorno's critique of the culture industry as a "circle of manipulation and retroactive need."

However, the question is whether the attempt to dominate cultural life is successful?

"Poststructuralism excludes from the start the possibility that there might exist a material organization of social reality external to language and imprinted on our psyche (and physical being), written into our existence via the mechanisms of material as well as cultural reproduction."

In other words:

"Just as the play of signifiers contradicts and undermines any claim of possessing a well-defined, conceptually unequivocal, logocentric discourse, so material experienc…

Eastern Shore

Some new music from friends:

Wilco A Ghost is Born
Velvet Underground Fully Loaded
Pixies Come On Pilgrim
Mates of State My Solo Project
Built to Spill The Normal Years
The Fire Theft
Some Arab Strap (I need to stick it in the computer and find the tracks/album)

Helping my friend Hardy Gieske move back home in a few days. He is going to move home (Eastern Shore of Maryland) for the summer then move to Brooklyn in the fall to tutor kids in math. He's an amazing fiction writer.

Arab Strap is playing now and some far it makes me want to go back to bed.

I think I need some Fire Theft to get me moving. I was a big Sunny Day Real Estate fan a while back. Hoping The Fire Theft continues the range of the last two Sunny Day albums.

In the back of my mind I keep wondering how trivial I am.

I mean talking about music with the thought of the terrors in/of the world.

Going to read Peter Burger's Theory of the Avant Garde today.

I've got so many gaps. So many many gaps.

Where is my mind

Just returned from the woods. All night party for graduating artists in visual arts. Huge bonfire. Hundreds of people. Sculptures hanging from the trees in the woods. The guy hired a live DJ and built a log cabin in the woods. Works part time as a tree doctor.

The visual artists dress better than the poets/writers etc.

I've got to get better clothes from a vintage shop somewhere in North Carolina.

Met some strange people in the woods.

The sculptures in the trees were amazing. The log cabin was painted in various bright happy colors with old time porch and handmade chairs, tables etc.

Lots of homemade food. A real mix of folks. Dancers. Psuedo hippies. Muscians with spikes on their arms (post-punk. Punk's not dead?). Quite a few natives of these parts with Appalachian/Ulster Scottish language patterns

(now that can be fascinating. Comparing the Ulster Protestant/Glasgow/Irish mix with the southern Scottish mountain mix).

They are not that similar. Just a few things here and t…

The Goods are in the Trunk

Interesting trunk! Overall ranking: a good supplemental trunk for the study of Westward Expansion. In the surfing room a message appears on the screen: a fatal error has occurred please relaunch internet explorer version 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 meanwhile the breasts feel like burnt biscuits and the neon blinks BURNY BISCUIT and the sign says CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH REAL AUDIO: "tell me about your first time." and the voice says: "We were puttering checking my terrified or not terrified finding the wet spot fully heated poor ventilation we knew the biscuits were burnt." and the sign says: CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS another voice says: KEEP YOUR BLOSSOM SPECIAL WITH NEW PILL FOR PROMISE KEEPERS REAL AUDIO: “leafeater jazz” “indented erasure” “headstands for the fearful” the new and improved magnetic shoe and do you want the ultimate anti-establishment hairdo? import exceeds export "no problem" trunk too small "no problem" the line that begins and …


He is, in all modesty and honesty, "just doing his job"—insuring that what we really think, and what we actually say, is a tight fit. Attention to details. Honesty. Integrity. Timeliness. Complete satisfaction. In all honesty, there’s too much “fluff’ here – and I don’t care purp is straight honesty.

She will really admire your honesty and cautious personality given which contrary to the Horatio Alger myth anti-Americans always reward greedy and ruthless individuals over those who aspire to honesty, integrity and hard work .

(NOTE: The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set).

Follow the steps below to begin POG (come back to items I can't live without: "Lukewarm water, good coffee, friendship, Butterfinger A Pot of Gold Coffee a wide range of hot beverage choice from standard to gourmet products).

Each player starts with four POG designer series.

We discussed our POG "Family Night&…

Of Our Cranial Love for the Lion (draft two)

We were reading toward Bethlehem suffice it to say we were tired elephants so we were reading toward Bethlehem looking for new streaks across the sky. We were reading toward Bethlehem with wet blankets and a mop looking for new insurrections suffice it to say religion stinks.
But really we were reading toward Bethlehem because we did not want the skin of the farmer
because we left doctor Sunday on the side of the road with a briefcase full of dead facts.

We were reading toward Bethlehem as part of a seminar on special problems for honest mystics.
We were reading toward Bethlehem with old texts. The old texts pointed toward Bethlehem.

Suffice it to say we were reading toward Bethlehem and our innocence drowned
suffice it to say we were reading toward Bethlehem and we fell apart
suffice it to say we loved the rocking rattle face goo goo ga ga wet beast moment.
Suffice it to say slouching.

We were reading toward Bethlehem slugging through old texts toward Bethlehem
with insurrections …

Of Our Cranial Love for the Lion

Had a great Lucipo meeting yesterday with Evie Shockley, Tony Tost, and Ken Rumble.

The discussions helped me replay with my poem that plays with the Second Coming.

I want many second comings. I am not satisfied with one Apocalypse.

Here's the rough work/rough beast:

Of Our Cranial Love for the Lion

Suffice it to say
religion stinks
and we were tired elephants
so we headed toward Bethlehem looking for new
streaks across the sky.

We were heading toward Bethlehem with wet blankets
and a mop.
We were looking for new insurrections of
unto you.

But really we were heading toward Bethlehem
because we did not want the skin of the farmer
because we left doctor Sunday on the side of the road with a briefcase full
of dead facts.

We were heading toward Bethlehem as part of a seminar
on special problems for honest mystics.

We were heading toward Bethlehem with old texts.
The old texts pointed toward Bethlehem.

Suffice it to say
we were heading toward Bethlehem and our innocence drowned

Lucipo Lucipo Lucipo

The Dallas Hockaday position did not work out. They wanted someone to teach two classes and I need full time work.

I am excited to stay here in NC for a while though. We got a great group of poets in the area and things are rockin.

Took another kind of trip last night. My first time. Colors will never be the same.

Going to go watch a movie called Downtown 81 (about Basquiat). I am looking forward to seeing how NY used to be. I think it will be an interesting contrast to my recent trip to NY. Ny was really clean. I wanted to find the lower east side and hunt down where the old hipster poets used to live. But I couldn't find my way out of Chinatown. Also wanted to see what the Nuyorican cafe is all about. Another trip perhaps.

Excited to plan a trip back home to Ireland since I don't have to worry about moving to Texas. It will nice to see all my relatives and have a nice steak and kidney pie.

Check out some pics from the May 5th party on my street. Good salsa etc.

Carr Street P…

DC has the worst traffic

long drive, stiff legs. Very enjoyable trip. Tired as. Ate in the meat packing district last night hung out in Chelsea. Great exhibits. Liked the little jumping men on stone tablets and chocolate hip hop. Then we went to McSorleys again and had many rounds then a few bars in the east village and at 1am decided to see Times Square. Times Square got old very very quickly. Like Las Vegas. Which gets old very quickly. Times Square made me ready to drive back to Lamberton. Driving in NY is a much different experience than walking.

Went back to St. Marks bookstore last night (it really can't get any better than st. marks bookstore). Spent the last of my birthday money. NY requires some serious $$$$. It will take a while to recover.


Kenning cd (readings by Leslie Scalapino, Bernstein, Ginsberg, Bruce Andrews, Hannah Weiner and many others)

The Bowery Project by Brenda Coultras (a little chapbook about the area. Haven't really looked at it yet)

Now, I need some time to read. But …

what a city

wow. i am exhausted. But what a time yesterday. Drank a lot of rounds at McSorleys and got the t-shirt. I am was disappointed in the poetry selection at The Strand. Found two great bookstores. One was connected to a housing project with homeless people with HIV/Aids victims. One of the highlights yesterday was St.marks bookstore. WAY WAY better selection of poetry than The Strand. Picked up:

Geoffrey Dyer The Dirty Halo of Everything
Joseph Lease The Room
Lisa Jarnot Ring of Fire
Clark Coolidge Mesh
Noah Eli Gordon The Frequencies

St. Mark's. WOW what history.

I'll put up pictures when I return. Going to hit the Whitney exhibit today and some galleries in Chelsea. Maybe Times Square.