Big Weddings are Fun

What a weekend. The whirl keeps on going. Thursday bachelor party. Friday rehersal dinner. Saturday wedding, reception (with open bar and amazing food then a stretched limo ride back to Greensboro). I've never worn a tux before (never went to prom etc.) It was a lot of fun.

Adam and Melissa are two graduates of the Greensboro MFA program. They met in their second year and fell in mad love.

On Saturday morning before the wedding I played some ultimate frisbee. I was the 2nd oldest player (not that I'm old). I turned too quickly and heard my ankle go pop.

Never really had an ankle injury. So I sat down for a while. Felt fine so I went back in. Sprinted down the field. Had a great game.

The a little later the swelling started. Wrapped the ankle. Went to the wedding. Escorted people to their seats. Wore a nice tux. Drank a lot at the open bar. Danced to the band (they played some good Van Morrison and Michael Jackson).

Next day. Big swelling. So I got an ace bandage and wrapped it. Now it's a balloon but it doesn't really hurt.

Watching my ankle swell is a fascinating. Much rather have an ankle pop then the flu.

Here are a few pics from the wedding. More will come soon:

Adam and Melissa's Wedding