DC has the worst traffic

long drive, stiff legs. Very enjoyable trip. Tired as. Ate in the meat packing district last night hung out in Chelsea. Great exhibits. Liked the little jumping men on stone tablets and chocolate hip hop. Then we went to McSorleys again and had many rounds then a few bars in the east village and at 1am decided to see Times Square. Times Square got old very very quickly. Like Las Vegas. Which gets old very quickly. Times Square made me ready to drive back to Lamberton. Driving in NY is a much different experience than walking.

Went back to St. Marks bookstore last night (it really can't get any better than st. marks bookstore). Spent the last of my birthday money. NY requires some serious $$$$. It will take a while to recover.


Kenning cd (readings by Leslie Scalapino, Bernstein, Ginsberg, Bruce Andrews, Hannah Weiner and many others)

The Bowery Project by Brenda Coultras (a little chapbook about the area. Haven't really looked at it yet)

Now, I need some time to read. But gotta get up and grade some exams.

Ah well. Great days of reading to come.