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Eastern Shore

Some new music from friends:

Wilco A Ghost is Born
Velvet Underground Fully Loaded
Pixies Come On Pilgrim
Mates of State My Solo Project
Built to Spill The Normal Years
The Fire Theft
Some Arab Strap (I need to stick it in the computer and find the tracks/album)

Helping my friend Hardy Gieske move back home in a few days. He is going to move home (Eastern Shore of Maryland) for the summer then move to Brooklyn in the fall to tutor kids in math. He's an amazing fiction writer.

Arab Strap is playing now and some far it makes me want to go back to bed.

I think I need some Fire Theft to get me moving. I was a big Sunny Day Real Estate fan a while back. Hoping The Fire Theft continues the range of the last two Sunny Day albums.

In the back of my mind I keep wondering how trivial I am.

I mean talking about music with the thought of the terrors in/of the world.

Going to read Peter Burger's Theory of the Avant Garde today.

I've got so many gaps. So many many gaps.


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