Full Steam Ahead

Just returned from the eastern shore. Wow. What a time. We canoed to an island and hung out for the day. Lots of toads. A few water moccasins. A wide open sky full of stars. Mushrooms.

I am excited about the next few weeks. The Tony Tost/Open Eye Reading Series returns this evening with "the prose stylings of Jeff Rehnlund & the poetry of Tim Botta."

Should be cool.

The Lucipo collective is putting out a chapbook in time for the poetry festival in two weeks. Some great folks in the collective (me, Tony Tost, Tim Botta, Ken Rumble, Evie Shockley, Joseph Donahue, Patrick Heron and many more. About 19 of us I believe).

Just scored some free literary journals from the MFA office. They are weeding out hundreds of them. Most of the lit journals were boring but I scored:

Mudfish Two

Mudfish Three

Hambone 13

Sulfur 6, 19, 20, 21

and a special issue on David Antin in The Review of Contemporary Fiction

My reading lists will not stop growing!

Reading John Yau's Borrowed Love Poems right now.


During April/May the following poets floored me:

John Yau

Mark Wallace

Rod Smith

K. Silem Mohammad

David Antin

So, in terms of placing my energy. Do I attempt to read everything those poets wrote or continue reading a variety of contemporary books of poetry?

Both of course.

But which one deserves more time/energy?

Hm . . . . . .