Lucipo Lucipo Lucipo

The Dallas Hockaday position did not work out. They wanted someone to teach two classes and I need full time work.

I am excited to stay here in NC for a while though. We got a great group of poets in the area and things are rockin.

Took another kind of trip last night. My first time. Colors will never be the same.

Going to go watch a movie called Downtown 81 (about Basquiat). I am looking forward to seeing how NY used to be. I think it will be an interesting contrast to my recent trip to NY. Ny was really clean. I wanted to find the lower east side and hunt down where the old hipster poets used to live. But I couldn't find my way out of Chinatown. Also wanted to see what the Nuyorican cafe is all about. Another trip perhaps.

Excited to plan a trip back home to Ireland since I don't have to worry about moving to Texas. It will nice to see all my relatives and have a nice steak and kidney pie.

Check out some pics from the May 5th party on my street. Good salsa etc.

Carr Street Party