Open Eye

It was great to meet Tim Botta and hear some of his poetry. He read a poem about the box Joseph Cornell never made. He also read a Pantoum and Villanelle. He is workin the language all right. Some great obsessions/ repititions throughout the performance. And performance it was. No nice quiet poetry voice. All guts and gusto. Yeah!

Speaking of the no box. I need to run to the store and find some kind of chemical that erases the scent of cat poop. Our cat Mona keeps pooping behind the television. The vet said she may have negative memories of the litter box. It must be recent. We've had her for over three years and she's never pooped outside the litter box (unless it was for revenge. One time she pooped in my shoe because there were ants in her food and she must have thought I put them there). Maybe she had a recent bad bowel movement in the litter box and connected the pain of the movement to the litter box itself. That would be understandable. Now how can I convince her it's not the litter box. A little treat waiting for her when she climbs out of the litter box?


Poetry festival coming soon. Only two weekends away. Excited about the Lucipo chapbook for the festival. I am so lucky to live near Carborro. GO Lucipo!