Concerning Schools

I didn't realize the greatness of OS X and Mozilla. They are both so fast and clean and bright and precise.

One happy camper.

I wonder how and why the happy camper started? Does it imply at one time happy campers were rare?

I am teaching The New American poetry anthology in the fall (revised as The Postmoderns). Concerning the designation of schools/scenes, Butterick and Allen write:

"Those earlier designations, if they were anything more than terms of convenience, have been rendered obsolete and unnecessary by the poets' subsequent activities and associations. Postmodern is a more encompassing designation, while still having its own precisions."

I am wondering what makes Postmodern more precise than objectivist?

Does encompassing mean a nice wee plurality without context?

I worry about my encompassing desires. My flattening desires may have the backing of anti-hierarchal theorists, but I fear the expression and feeling of

"it's all good."

What might be lost? Schools/theories who needs 'em?

I do I do I do.

In the end it may all be bullshit, but in the meantime . . .

I don't have to hate your school.

School may be the wrong word. Not the right association. Maybe scene.

As in Lucipo scene?

Scene might limit less than school.

The DC scene is one to envy!

By the way, check out Backwards City (links to the right). They are doing a special school issue soon.