School of Quietude?

Here's a poem that perhaps illustrates "the school of quietude."


(by Tony Leuzzi. BOA editions)

Lift the mollusk to your ear

and you will hear a cello weap

the neck of somber sea.

Press it closer to your ear

and you will hear an ardent bell

ring rills of water through your feet.

Pull it gently from your ear

and you will hear the pause

of tongues that fluttered once like wings.

So we have ear/hear. A cello weaping. The sea. Alliteration with "ring rills." 'Gently." And a nice ephiphany/escape/romantic metaphor of tongues as once wings. Once being key since this is elegiac.

Anyone want to defend this poem?

What does this poem point toward?

I am all for the mystical/spirtual experience but . . .