another fascinating Lucipo reading

The reading took place at Todd and Laura Sandvik's home. They are amazing hosts. Always great food, liquid, sound, art.

I borrowed Chao Manhattan from Todd. Looking forward to watching it later today.

Passed around a little notebook and asked some fellow Lucipo poets to create a quick list of artists to check out.

The list:

1) Henry Darger

2) Stan Brakhage (Criterion collection)

3)Bunuel (obscure object of desire and discrete charm of the bourgeosie)

4) Marjorie Welish ('The Windows Flew Open")

5) Emmanuel Hocquerd "Theory of Tables"

Chris Vitiello read a fascinating play that felt like a cross betwee Beckett, Watten, and a David Cronenberg. Lots of poeple with holes and slime. A little bit Happy days a little bit eXistenZ. It takes place in a parking lot. He also projected a poem about words, meanings, ghosts on an led screen and read a poem that interrogated, crossed, and sometimes followed the projection on the screen.

Serge Falcoz Vigne (a visitor from Paris) read some poems from his collection Rue Mademoiselle Germain and some new poems written while visiting the US this week. He is the proprieter of a Parisian cafe and writes a new poem every month (ongoing for the last 10 years) and places the poem with the customers bill. Wax sealed. He read everything in French with very little translation by his girlfriend Samantha. It was interesting to hear poetry in a language I did not speak or read. Sound translation whipped around my head.

Pics above of the fan night