death versus ceasing to be

There seems to be a difference between death and ceasing to be.

I sometimes imagine death, but I cannot imagine ceasing to be.

More and more it feels like ceasing to be (rather than dying) is what will happen.

Should I fear ceasing to be?

It seems silly to fear ceasing to be since death and the life never really meet (they pass each other).

But that's exactly what might be feared: the unimaginable.

As much as I tire of capitalism I sometimes find myself buying stuff (books, cds) to keep my current flowing. To keep from thinking too long on my own ceasing to be or filtering my thinking of ceasing via language.

When I think about ceasing to be I think images and emotions without words. I cannot write ceasing to be.

To plug is to prevent from leaving.

I plug the bathtub to take a bath but what if there's no water?

Or does it matter? Do we need the correspondence theory of truth? Or do we leave all the enlightment baggage behind?