dreams dreams dreams

So many strange dreams. An orgy last night. I was ordered to do certain things. I was also ordered to try the new and improved Mormon filter (for Camels only). The filter left a strong minty residue.

Then I had to run through the snow barefoot in Bountiful Utah in search of a secret house with a blue mini van (there are many houses with blue minivans this was not an easy task).

I did not find the secret house but I did find an old cramped missionary apartment (from my missionary days in Boise, Idaho). A few of girl characters showed up at the missionary pad and we smoked via the new and improved minty fresh Mormon filter.

Then I had to complete a series of sexual tasks I won't go into (I am a little embarrased). I will say one involved the famous pour grape juice down the crack of your missionary companion (only this time it was a tall gymnist since I went to sleep after watching some olympics), catch in glass, and drink for a free large pizza (this event did happen).

So, orgy, "hero" journey, Mormon filters.

Now, I am off to teach with all this dream residue. Today I'm teaching how to read closely via some poems of Lisa Jarnot, Allen Ginsberg, Lew Welch, and Ted Berrigan. A interesting (and good) way to end the week.