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The harp is done

Finished the ms (Mouth Harp) yesterday. Feels really good to let it go. The title changed a few times from Never Mind the Beasts to Stigmata:Burger to Mouth Harp. Mouth Harp seems to really get at the heart of the ms.
Harp as meditative heaven instrument of the mouth and harp as

To dwell on or recur to a subject tediously or
monotonously in speaking or in writing; to refer to
something repeatedly or continually; -- usually with on or
upon. ``Harpings upon old themes.'' --W. Irving.

Harping on what I am, Not what he knew I was.

It's done but I will allow myself to do small tinkerings if needs be. The final poem in the manuscript might need a little tinkering. it's called "Mouth Politics" (mouth as verb more than noun). I used some of the personal (my lost life as a Mormon).
Here it is:

Mouth Politics


Waiting wet
for first time
broken in (broken out)
want oral but wouldn't trade for eternal life.

Oral is not intercourse in the sense of the word.
Oral included sentences from three to fifteen years.
Oral temptation to fill up with things.


Ms McKinney erstwhile Miss Wyoming (beauty queen):

A young Mormon missionary told today how an ex-beauty queen kidnapped him and then made oral to him while he was chained to a bed in a lonely cottage. Kirk Anderson, 21, said the girl, Joy McKinney, and her friend, Keith May, tied down his arms and legs with leather straps, padlocks, chains and rope, so that he was spread eagled. May then left the room while Miss McKinney tore off his blue silk pajamas. She grabbed his pajamas from around his neck and tore them from his body. She explained Kirk had to be tied up so he doesn't feel guilty.


French orals
mock orals
navigation orals
nocturnal orals
orals and topical
the politics of orals
Norfolk Mormons bait the orals
at least two of four orals.

This isn't the first time the French have taken shots at the Mormons.
Just check out this chapter of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days.
Blind equalization for short burst no-nonsense real truth from genuine orals.

Oral B (lifelong gums) oral Ed therapy contra oral
oral intercept
oral accept (except).

no way out
(bout about to begin).

dedicated Mormon helps bring value and service
at affordable price (build interest)

(I bear my testimony)

(testing testing . . . one two three . . . about me)

“a couple of ninth-graders in the heart of Mormon country . . . One teacher recalls a 10-year-old raising his hand to ask her to define oral sex. . . “

“Steps in Overcoming Oral Urges (an excerpt).”

“Two daughters testified, they were being required to perform oral sex upon
their father at least weekly.”

“Writing a sex book without sex imagery was a tricky job . . . we're unsure, we don't want to say the wrong thing, and we don't want to stir interest inappropriately,"
says co-author Dr. Stephen Lamb, Salt Lake City gynecologist and active Mormon.

“The book's only mention of oral sex is in the off limits area. “

“A Mormon church spokesman whose radio broadcasts often decried the evils
of sexual abuse has been arrested for investigation into allegations of sodomy
of a 14-year-old girl. The girl was taken to a parking lot behind a radio station, shown pornography, photographed in her underwear and told to perform oral sex.”

“Mental-health agencies in Utah are quietly fighting a sex-related mental-health epidemic among Mormon men and women.”


I speak
(“not that which goeth into the mouth defileth but that which cometh out”)

problem self-

to speak of dreams
(censorship causes a distortion)

(the relationships were chalk-full)

like gross histories a fine voice is struck
swooned spooks (books) spine of dawn (drawn).


Put your mobile where you mouth is
wash your kids mouth out with soap

heaven’s mouth at mouth of bay
heaven’s mouth narcissus qua narcissus
heaven’s mouth productions presents
heaven is in my mouth

vicious mouth to consume
(resume default states)
vicious froth mouth
(abandon all hope)
Vicious mouth mobile mouth
(never mind the beasts)

Comb the mouth (find) (groom)
out the mouth (spout) (sprout)

Mouth raw. Mouth off. Mouth in. Mouth garden. Mouth board.
Mouth search. Mouth ache.

Gnaw of heaven.


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