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same dream with different characters

Night one:

characters: a girl named Cami (ex-gilfriend of main character. Lived with main character after he left the Mormon church.)

Cami visits the main character and gives him chocolates. They both attend a Mormon service and the main character walks out with his fist in the air and she follows. They run away from the church arm in arm until the main character realizes she has popped out two children. He leaves.

(IRL: Cami is divorced with two children. She is staunch born again Christian)

Night two:

characters: a girl named Elissa (ex-girlfriend of main character. 1st love of main character. Main character thought he would marry her after returning from Mormon mission).

Elissa sneaks out of her house and meets main character in a large blue room. They meet in a corner near a dresser. Main character tells Elissa he knew she could make it. They hug. Then her parents call her for church. Main character also attends but insisits on wearing his most worn-out clothing (shorts with holes, white t-shirt, flip flops). They agree to meet and run away after church but she doesn't show.

(IRL: Elissa is an active Mormon and married with two children)

Night three (last night/this morning):

Characters: a girl named Rebecca Winder (Main character developed a crush on her during Mormon choir practice at age 16. She said he would mature well)

Rebecca sneaks out of church service and meets main character at a large water fountain. Main character tells her he's been looking for her and she says, "that was years ago" and "We were only children." Main character tells her he always loved her chocolates. She disappears for a few days and returns with her mother and a curly wirley from the U.K. She links arms with her mother and they return to the church service. main character waits in church parking lot and searches mini vans. He cannot find her.

(IRL: I have no idea)

This Mormonism thing is painful and strange sometimes. AGH.


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