crystal balls Urim and Thummim

all sorts of stuff is leaking into my long poem. Such as Mormon doctrine and early mysticism (the mysticism was quickly abandoned for corporation/institutional reasons). But Joseph Smith's spectacles amaze me.

I am still working on this part of the long poem. It's just "factual info." The lines will be off with blogger, but here it is:

Mormonism has one of the highest conversion rates of any religion in the world

at age of 14 Joseph Smith was confused and wanted truth about the best chruch he prayed in the woods (insert eerie music) he prayed and he prayed gripped the grass

saw God and Jesus or an angel then god or god then an angel (accounts are muddied) (this is a confusing fact) told him he would restore the best one and was soon thereafter lead to gold plates (no one could see it cause they might steal it!)

soon thereafter peering through magic glasses into his hat Joseph Smith was given some aids (Urim and Thummim which looked like clear rocks) a common occurrence of the time was a person that had a "seer" or "peepstone", and would come up with information by placing it in a hat and looking at it (much as crystal ball is used today)