Desert City Reading Series, The Blue Door, Backwards City Book Sale

The a Desert City Readng Series kicked off again this past Saturday. James Brasfield and Joe Donahue read. Joe read some hot new poems. Lots and lots of voices. My spine always reacts to Joe's poems. Mystery, awe etc. Everything moves (mind as body etc.) Real energy transference. His new chapbook, In This Paradise, from Carolina Wren Press was available at the reading. I am really looking forward to reading it.

James Brasfield also read. He introduced his poems wel. Really set the mood. Very friendly. Made me want to take a look at Joseph Broksky.

Starting this season, after each DC reading, Lucipo members Todd and Laura are hosting The Blue Door after reading reception. As part of the reception a poet reads for 15 min and another art is also presented. I think there will be outside screenings of Super 8 films etc. This past Saturday I read from a long poem in progress ("Campanology") and local visual artist Ethan Smith displayed his paintings. A little Munsch. A little aliens. A little torture/ S&M.

We also celebrated Joe Donahue's 50th B-day. Sang. Ate cake. Drank Champagne. Every time I get together with the Lucipo folks, it's flushing. And boy do I need flushing. I also get full (but not clogged) at these events. I re-remember why poetry matters (in the doing, in the making) to me.

Also on Saturday, Backwards City mag had a book sale to raise money for publication costs etc. A good selection. Picked up Infinite Jest, Moby Dick, an Einstein book.

At the Desert City reading I picked uo Joseph Donahue's In This Paradise and Heather Fuller's Dovecote.

Now, I've got to decide how to teach Barbie/gender today in my English 101 class.

More coffee . . .