film, cinema, movies

I am going to teach a film class in the spring. It's exciting putting together the syllabus. Going to use Monaco's How to Read a Film and a selection of articles from Film Quarterly. Still thinking through film selections. It's interesting to think about the words film, cinema, and movie.

Film: art

cinema: stage/world

movie: propaganda/consummed w/out critical thought

all three seem to need reflection/analysis. For some reason I really enjoyed watching Eyes Wide Shut. A lot of people I have spoken with think it is Kubrick's worst film. An embarrasement.

I am really excited to watch some Brekhage when it arrives. I would like to use his films in class. May also use Juliet of the Spirits (Fellini), The Birds or Vertigo, Blade Runner.

I took a film theory class in graduate school, so hopefully some of the discourse will return to me.

It's a rainy day in North Carolina. Another storm coming through. The darkness outside usually means sluggish students in my morning classes. I am feeling a tad sluggish myself.

Well, off I go. Rainy walk to school. I wish I still had my wellingtons. I miss my wellingtons.

Get Yourself a Pair