great books . . .

I've decided to 5 contemporary books of poetry in my intro to poetry class in the spring. I think I am going to create a blog for the class to allow for informal discussion and supplemental readings.

I'm still trying to decide on the 5 books. Four of the five possible books:

1) Jeff Clark, The Little Door Slides Back

2) Tony Tost, Invisible Bride

3) Lisa Jarnot, Ring of Fire

4) Peter Gizzi, Some Values of Landscape and Weather

I feel confident of choice # 2 and choice # 3. I do want some diversity of books. I think Tost and Jarnot's books are distinct enough. But I am not sure about the others yet.

Any suggestions of three books of contemporary poetry I might use? By contemporary I simply mean in print and published in the last five years or so.

If any of yous have suggestions, I would love a nice list.