Krispy Creme Poets

The memory of last Saturday feels foggy, eerie. Did it really happen?

Lots of glazed donuts (one dollar each). The Krispy Creme poetry tent was a wierd revival type setting.

Galway Kinnell read next tent to Maya Angelou (the official poet of Krispy Creme)? I was most excited to see his new G4 titanium powerbook. He wasn't sure how to use it. He had some assistance from a beautiful woman with long blond hair and a muscle man who runs some writing programme in Prague (they were both poets from the audience). The muscleman scrolled and the beautiful woman held the titanium G4 Powerbook.

Check out the pics taken by my friend Ezra (the very Ezra of Backwards City):


Richard jackson also read. He's created/creating a bridge between Slovenian and American poetry.