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Ken Rumble's Desert City Reading Series

Another great reading on Saturday. Ken Rumble really brings the heat to town. Tony Tost read some great prose poems. Dense in the sense of including various lives (reading life, dreaming life, love life etc.). Maximalist. funny. Profound. I especially loved the Complex Sleep series (in the tradition of Duncan's Strucure of Rime series). Tony also read a very moving poem about Kim Sun-il. I say about, but that's not all the way accurate. it was informed by the last days of Kim Sun-il (emotionally). Tony has a real mix in the new ms. really taking some leaps and risks.

Aaron McCollough had a presence. Assured. Funny. Comfortable at the mike. Slow, well executed. He read from Double Venus, his upcoming book Little Ease, and some new poems. He read "Democrack Pistols" and asked us what the word play? No one got it. But when he explained a large ah ha resounded in the audience .

Democrack Pistols= demoncratic vistas

The new poems included a Vernacular poem series. Love poems dedicated to his wife I believe.

This man can conceit!

After the DC reading at the Internationalist book store, we moved to Todd and Laura's house for the Blue Door Series. Randall Williams performed and read. Great props. The first poem, "Star City" (if I remember the title correctly) rocked the house. Tiffany's fav poem of the night. Second was performance piece complete with different functions/descriptions/sizes/ categories of water, a body scanner, an upside down chair.

It was great to hang out and chat with Clayton Couch (he traveled four hours from Columbia, SC for the event).

Needless to say, a serious feast all around!

Ken Rumble knows how to bring those who feed the multitides!

Aaron, Tony, Randall got my engine really running (thank god I was chugging for quite a while there)

I only managed a few pics from the night (I was too enraptured and forgot about my camera). They are below this post.

three cheers for Ken's DC reading series and Todd and Laura's blue door series!


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