I am amazed, blown away. Peter O'Leary's _Watchfulness_ has changed my landscape. Really fired me up to keep moving with my book length poem Campanology.

king Midas Gold, man of light (gnostic light), transfigured light

A few of many lines:

"is it always a few who reach the edge of the world, where its mirror- / image begins"

"so XPC is the name of the Lord; of man; of man of light invoked."

"The poet stands in umbrage of invisible fire"

"My solitude and its simulacrum"

"Light is ore/ abhored/ hoar."

'Was Kiev the kernel/ of the seed of New Byzantium?"

"Virga aurea facta est."

A few of many exciting new words:

ephphatha, 'ethpatah, affeta, effata, adapirire, XPC, emplenishes, girandoles, Areopagite, tychonic, primum mobile, Tinntinnabular, Aikaterina


Louis Sullivan

Favourite section:


I got lost in the bookstore yesterday reading through books on Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Also reading through the Rig Veda, Heather Fuller's _Dovecote_, and The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book.

I am really impressed with Spuyten Duyvil press.

Grab a copy of Watchfulness: