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Figures One


A figure of feeling is not a single tree a set of lines an occasion of words.

A figure of feeling is a system of roots, a bloodline, re-invented events.

And we know now the clay as first begotten the irrational how(l) of language.

And now in-knowing needs be more musical.

Less naming.
Less lingering.
More spinning.

A figure “of” feeling is also a figure “for” feeling.
A figure “is” rather than a figure “as.”

Life not a storehouse of living but a burning a charing a using-up.



“Bells ring in other worlds I cannot see.”

“Back of the genital throne the spincter awakens and moves the dream.”

“They are the members of a wake behind speech.”

For example: beyond the blind lid of night is the blind lid of night.

To take the elf of the self (es spricht für sich selbst) or hands on hips
we can see how acts are interpreted by other acts.

To act “as if” is no different than to act.

Therefore: to speak while dreaming is both an act and an event (der Personenkreis).
And where three or more words are gathered an event is sure to follow.


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