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levels of abstraction

had to get my mind off the big countdown. Worked for a few hours on Campanology. Refound my pace. I've felt for about a month (after trying it out on an audience) something was amiss. More than amiss. Way off for my satisfaction.

I realized it was very abstract. I mean I am all for abstract, but there must be levels of abstraction. I just finished Zero Star Hotel by Anselm Berrigan. That's the amount (or degree) of abstraction I dig.

Rather than say, Jorie Graham or Ann Lauterbach's degree of eliptical abstraction.

So I reworked the first 20 pages and refound the umph. If it sounds too NY schooly ah well. I gotta have the roar.

And now, back to the nailbitting. This is one election I wish I could vote in. I pay taxes and when I was younger I could have been drafted. I can die for America but as an alien I can't vote. Strange.


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