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Maurice Scully and Liverpool FC

Just ordered maurice Scully's Livelihood from Wild Honey and Rosmarie Waldrop's Blindsight from New Directions.

I am really excited to read some more Maurice Scully.

check out some of his poems:




I am excited to be in Ireland in a few weeks. Also going to England for a few days. Hope to catch the Liverpool vs. West Brom game on Boxing Day.

Liverpool, o how I've missed 'em. My hero growing up was Ian Rush.

Today they play Arsenal. It's going to be a tough game. Liverpool has lost their best strikers due to injuries. They lost to Monaco earlier in the week (with a controversial handball in the penalty box).

They really need to win today's game.

I just hope I can pick up the broadcast on the internet.

Come on REDS!


Chris Vitiello said…
mod new look fer the blog, yo

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