back in America

strange being back in America. Got back late last night. My body says it's 1:38AM and I want to sleep, but must push through the jet lag.

Great time in Dublin, London, and Belfast. Met my biological father (Reggie). Haven't seen him in 24 years. It was a good meeting. He had the same glasses, beard, and recently had his little toe removed. The exact same little toe that keeps bothering me. I'd like to keep my little toe, so I get it checked out.

We met at a drinking club called Buffs. Cheap drinks, well-dressed men, and a lodge downstairs. An experience. Six pints and a double whiskey in the middle of the afternoon.

I'm not going to drink any alcohol for a while now (at least till Saturday). Went to the pub on Christmas eve in a little village in England. It was packed. Everyone drinks their way through Christmas and the new year.