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One week from today

gonna take an airplane . . . I'm a going (to my second) home.

From Greensboro to Boston to Dublin for a few days. Tour the Guinness factory. Walk around St. Stephen's Green and think of Joyce. Then a train to Portadown to see my family. Maybe look up my biological Dad in Lurgan (not expecting much haven't seen him since I was six). A day at Portrush (a beach). Maybe some burial mounds.

Then an airplane to England (Stony Stratford) to visit more relatives and maybe check out some bookstores at Cambridge, take in a Liverpool football match, lots of pubs and steak and kidney pies.

Here's a website with some good modern day pics of my hometown:


evie shockley said…
enjoy your return, marcus! safe travels and happy new year --

postpran said…
Thanks Evie. Same to you. Here's to 2005.

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