first 3 pages of my Campanology long poem


the bell is known

in all cultures – but not known

when invented

mission bells

sing from strange halls

during the recession of 1890 mission halls overflowed

with harmonic convergence

bargain bells buy now

easy cheap & quick

bells at rock bottom

big bells

now one click


the woman would use her only coins to ring the chapel bells

in the community the bells made many friends

the sleigh the jingle the call of worship the sink of the warship

the woman used coins

to cover the eyes

of those who died

the bells of St. Vitas and the bells of ain’t thinking

the bells of bare bulbs and the bells of spare ribs

bells announce bells pronounce bells on coat (coaxed)

bells in buttocks (spoon in the mouth)

bells calculate divide delay

bells for sickness slithering the throat

crack of the knees eternal utter

garnish with parsley combine with egg

evaporate and try not to ride

the way a swamp operates

there was of course no chance

of ringing it in such wise as to break it


child in mine

tell tale tit

pattern in conflict:

of the mouth

of the playpen

children knit

at both ends

of the world.

canary on the cable. no ark for flood. liquid filling into liquid:

gymglossa hasp

poseurs erphoby

anhima cashmerette

swept the floors. found apple.

took back the walls. beside me.

afraid of heights. of the light.

leaking through the window

either or. suddenly frog. lucid and pubescent. fleshed out.

false hopes. of the green. of the fruit.

in looking. what’s seen. by who bore it.

we knew now only how could be god.

in how getting the bells we slipped into eros. swanstretched on the ground. bore it outstretched. as a debt for the saying. bells my babies. we knew now

only how could be god.

a grate against the door. is not the floor. a grate is not a gate. the door is not a floor.

to scratch words. in the dark. whilst other activities tap the window. to think from moving. floating. in-begging. two logs iced to the ground. parks by the motorways. bodies under trees. cream tart on the sidewalk. melting into the cracks.

strung out on words. devoid. a circuit of trees outstands us. Day dawn gloam. the power to keep. the power powdered on in the morning. shadow of hermes. orchestra of burnished earth. talk swollen and ringing.

a cockatrice is a serpent rooster dragon a corruption of crocodile the serpent star breaks off its arms as a means of defense

the morning star is a fallen star

the more common interpretation of Heraclitus holds

the universe

as not

a container

for information

any more

than a rose garden is

something there is that doesn’t love a horse





something there is that doesn’t but must



something there is

that lacks a purpose


our hands

grow thick

if you wash your hair every day

your scalp tingles

your head clears

your hair comes alive

while inked in meditation

you gave me the slip

inner thigh all mine

heart my hellium