here we go . . .here we go . . .here we go... here we go o

leaving in 1 hour to fly to Boston then on to Dublin. 5 hour layover in the Boston airport however. Printed out Silliman's Demo and Rod Smith's Protective Immediacy to read. Also some Art in America mags and a lots of cds. Just picked up GBV's MAG EARWHIG. Hope it's good. Also finally got The White Stripes first album (before they went all wonky cool).

Hope there's some good grub in Logan airport.

Hopefully I can use someone's computer when I am Ireland or England and do a quick post. Maybe a pic. If not, I am sure I'll have lots to report upon my return.

Cheers and Merry Holidays!!!!!

quick thought: can I say merry christmas and still be a sensitive fella? Or did Bush and the right wing ruin anything with the word christ attached to it?

I am not a Christian but I dig Christ and Marx and Charles Bernstein.