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a few more pages from Campanology

at Belfast city hall the cold alters the relation between rain and puddle.
the heart fills with hellium. voice a soggy pitch. in this place the pattern
is meager but the means whistle. a three-legged dog chasing its tail.
and therefore memory is muscled.

thick in feeling. slag spite:his toe my toe. to see inhabits forgetting.
an entire brochure of new nouns. boiled eggs. frayed string.

the case of the mind is a shellgame. a game wattled gravy. and just
as false with your back to the wall.

Things are not OK. (I.E. The Rage of Attachment)

the Latin for seethe, the German for broken, the Spanish for upsurge. in other, in otter, we trust. & bed-living. presence dies but the latin for rough house stays with us. the Russian for clock. the Irish for ring the bell. words regal in range
of attachments.

me against metaphor and the Manson family. me against the other for Latin. the medium attracts me. well-rounded and leaning in for a kiss. it was like crossing the alps. in vacancy between vacation. fibber and reliever. & how to add the old inscriptions. ball bouncing from wall to foot wall to groin. through the night
the little acorns drop one by one. a scratch in the dark makes mine. omery amore.
poof. champagne floozy couch divan couch. each time a new time. a rage
of attachments. belief in a strictly formal sense yields knowing the abstract.

gods and goddess are eaten with care. not just a bell for backing up. thought as felt dense. if read the cat itself exists. until is always present. chewing fingernails.
racking up the hits. periodically an extension cord appears. a cold proposition
does not many men make. simply plug. is it learning or graphing? the road
is full of colors. me against. if at least two maybe four. and is it not time though eaten. table laden. dinner bell and hordes of hungry ants.

a map of energy. transpersonal.

bard of Armagh traditional oh list' to the tale of a poor Irish harper and scorn not the string of his old withered hands.

Benny Hill (balloons under shirt).
Benny's ballad: "Broken-Hearted Lover's Stew."

looking back sand. torn eye. burnished earth orchestra. into the act
of the actual lies the eyes. tinsel sliding off tree. eggnog ergo
match of the day. pass the parcel. crackers. all that and thus
a parable a parole. dappled in primal. pirates my prities pirates.
getting pissy.

boxtot rollerbot remix. duel all the days. down all the days. snared in the ways.
transpersonal loom of reflections.


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