great kick off to 2005

Another great Desert City reading on Saturday. Poems by Marcos Canteli (read in Spanish then translated by Rachel Price into English). A very refreshing bestiary from Mr. Standard Schaefer. Great intros by Ken Rumble. Blue door reading/performance by Tanya Olsen. She performed some very funny, wit-filled poems. No pages anywhere in sight. Impressive presence.

Also received Effing Mag # 3. WOW! I mean, shit this is one helluva mag. The art is very good. The editorial vision is outstanding. Not a mesh-mash (i.e. Fence mag). Some very very good poems. The look, feel, smell of the printed object is also something to celebrate.

Alright, I know I talked/wrote about Backwards City the other day, but this mag is a must-have. I mean, a must-have. A collectors item. Mint. Just overtook Combo as my fav. mag.

If you are not familiar with Effing mag (and Effing publications) check 'em out:

>Effing Press

I've got some great reading (and readings) ahead of me. Off to Philly and D.C. with Lucipo next month. And I recently acquired:

1) A Test of Solitude by Emmanuel Hocquard (thank-you Chris Vitiello)

2) Goat Songs Concerning Certain Dispensations by Standard Schaefer (Gateway Songbooks, ed. Allyssa Wolf)

3) Red, Green & Black by Oliver Cadiot (adapted from the French by Charles Bernstein and Oliver Cadiot)

4)Etruscan Reader # 6 with Robin Blaser, Barbara Guest, and Lee Harwood

5) Goest by Cole Swensen (she's coming next month for the Desert City Reading Series)

6) Nota by Martin-Corless Smith

I am feeling back in the swing of things. YES!!!!