of note

I just received my copies of Backwards City Review. Some cool poems and comics (I haven't looked at the fiction yet). Tony Tost does some complex sleep, Kent Jonhson does some strangeness with "poetry blogs in Zurich," Kasey Mohammad does some Demoral chillout and illegal cars (kicks ass as always). So many very interesting poems (including Arielle Greenberg, Gabe Gudding, John Latta, Sarah Manguso, Johannes Goransson, Ander Monson, and Joyelle McSweeney to name a few other stars).

A really funny and fascinating comic about consciousness and mushrooms by Jim Rugg.

This first issue of Backwards City is very promising. As always, I am sure the first few issues are vital to the journal's survival.

Check 'em out. Seriously consider a subscription (it's cheap):

Backwards City Review