person+ al+hood=?

when people say personal in relation to poetry they often say:

"the use of the personal"

how can we know if the personal is using us?

By this I mean to make a distinction between the personal and us.

or me and the personal.

or then again is the personal all that is the case?

how can I write the impersonal?

perhaps a computer can write the impersonal.

or a camera in Siberia rotating and snapping pictures all on its own.

but once we start seeing/hearing/smelling/eating/touching

things get very personal

how can we know if we are getting too personal?

is getting too personal simply not personal at all?

the personal as insult:

"I don't mean to be personal, but . . . "

what does the al in person do?

when is a person no longer a person?

a person is a person is a person?

give me back my person!

per son= each son?

or each sun?

or sum?

or "we are all enlisted and the conflict is 'ore . . . happy are we . . . happy are we"

person+hood= one hooded sun?

personhood is sacred

it should be protected against . . .

project personhood