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settling back in

Picked up some Peter Riley while I was in London. Haven't read much of him except Untitled Sequence (a chapbook from Wild Honey Press)

It's strange being back. It took me ten years to get back to Ireland for a holiday and it felt like I never left.

I think Tiffany was excited to come back to America and eat "regular" food. She is not as Banger mad as I am.

A few people we met had a very limited perception of America. Monolithic. Hollywood etc.

The Tate Modern was amazing. My cousin was a member so we went to the roof and took some pictures of London. The size of Rothko's paintings were amazing. It was really interesting to look closely at the paint drips of Jackson Pollock.

I really liked Bruce Nauman's sound poetry at the Tate. Check out some of the sounds from the installation:
Bruce Nauman's Raw Materials

We went to Belfast two hours after the biggest bank robbery in the U.K. (27 million). We walked right past the bank. So far it looks like the pulled it off.

It is nice to settle back into a routine again though. I didn't write at all while I was in Ireland and England.

Really excited for the coming year. Some great Desert City readings and Lucipo on the road.

I am missing my Ulster fry though.


Anonymous said…
marcus, the isle of ireland in the hole of your stomach is fertile with soil and fruit. do you know who this is? it's hardy. i saw your dad in a photograph. your cheeks are happy. he looks like you, you like him. looking alike is sometimes a one-way street. it's your mr. whiskers.

today, it...the...there was. i stumbled home in the daylight. i was befallen by my own mistakes to find that they were discoveries...yes...but of the familiar kind that demand that all discoveries have been made already. still, i put on my pants and desired food.

i possess.

wilderness lives in the big city.

tally-ho. cheerio.

postpran said…

Good to hear from you. Yes, I never thought of that. He is my Mr. Whiskers. Hope you've stumbled on some good Italians in Brooklyn. Pasta etc.

Home is where the stomach craves.

You should grow your hair long again. For effect.

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