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An Ulster Fry



Chris Vitiello said…
Marcus, please elaborate on what food is depicted here.
Anonymous said…
An Ulster Fry such as that photographed contains fried Eggs, fried Soda Bread, fried Potatoe Bread, fried Bacon, fried Pork Sauceages and fried Fried Pancake. The bottle, HP, is a fruit sauce and has a line drawing of the "Houses of Parliament (HP)" on the main label. It is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Originally the frying would have been done in bacon fat (lard), but more often than not these days we use vegetable oil. Stan Wilson Portadown, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. UK - Uncle of Marcus
Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you Stan. Thanks for explaining the Ulster Fry. Hope you had a great New Year.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that Stan, i really miss those fry up's since being in the US!! Mandy Richardson

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