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Kamu Brathwaite

I taught a little Kamu Brathwaite in my intro to poetry class today. Mostly we listened to to Kamu Brathwaite on Leonard Schwartz's Cross Cultural Poetics.

I was especially fascinated in hearing words as percussive.

Some notes from listening:

- god created the islands with a stone skip.

- "it" as percussive

- find vocabulary IN one another

- received language is sterile and speaks in abstractions. We need a transformation of received language

- poetry as a net

- trigger out the pentameter

- nation language as spirit possession

- language a nation

- American poetry and the use of the pause

- translation from American versus translation from English

- fragmented at the moment of creation. Wholeness is not a recovery project

- transgress the sedate rhythm

- word is action and discovery simultaneously

We going to discuss Aime Cesaire for Friday's class and Negritude. Jerome Rothenberg's Poems for the Millennium is one of a kind. I am learning a lot from teaching with it.


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