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unofficial Lucipo weekend readings

1) Ken Rumble dropped Tessa Joseph on her head three times. However, he is one hell of a swing dancer. Tessa didn't mind. It was part of the dance.

2) Ken Rumble took us well into the night sampling Philly Cheesesteaks. As a result, I had a bit of meat gas (and meat sweat). Those Philly Cheesesteaks are serious.

3) We visited the big jar

4) A few experienced colon issues

5) DC at the Flea was the peak. Adam Good kept us safe. Adam Good will live a very long and happy life.

6) Frank Sherlock is also a very nice man. He told me about his glory days as a Golden Gloves champion. One of his sparing partners had a mean hammer hit. Another sparing partner was training for the olympics. It was good to have a boxer among us.

7) Philly at La Tazza was also good (see note # 1)

8) Philly after La Tazza: in the early morning, down some sidestreet, while swigging whiskey and talking about the relationship between happiness and ethics, Ken Rumble, Marco Marconium, and Chris V. witnessed a speeding SUV take out four side mirrors. crunching plastic like gunshots. We encouraged a young sprightly fella to run after the SUV. Fifteen minutes later he was back with the license plate number. Chris took out his handy notebook and wrote nice notes to the cars. Posted the license #.

>why we stopped?????


Chris Vitiello said…
The real question, Marcus, is would any of us stopped had we been by ourselves? Would any of us, solo, run down the SUV license plate and left notes on those cars? I think that the social pressure of having been in a group of 7 witnesses motivated us perhaps more than the "right thing to do" did.
postpran said…
excellent point Chris. Social pressure is sometimes a "good" thing. Group morality is often ignored (or seen as mostly negative). Salem witch trials, communism, "The Lotery," Dogville etc.

East vs. West thing (individual versus collective identity etc.)

So yes, I don't think we stopped because of the Golden Rule. But maybe we thought about our own cars just a little.
Ken Rumble said…
The other real question, though, is what morality guided his girlfriend to say, "God, he's such a fucking asshole -- I don't believe he just left me here."

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