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upcoming exhibition in Durham

My good friend Jake DeCola will be showing fifteen new sculptures in steel and bronze at the Durham Art Guild (120 Morris Street, Durham, NC) beginning this
Thursday, February 24. The opening at the gallery is from 5-7 this Thursday. The work will be on display until April 10.

Questions? contact the Guild at

If you're anywhere near Durham, check it out.


Chris Vitiello said…
Marcus -- will you be in town for the opening? Let me know when you're coming to Durham for this show and we can go together.
postpran said…

Yes, I'm going to leave Greensboro at 5PM on Thursday. So I should be at the gallery around 6PM. Tiffany is going as well. We should all meet up.
Tony Tost said…
Hey! I want to check it out too. I'll see if Leigh is up to/has time to go.

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